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Tzadik: A Touch of Classic and Traditional Excellence

In the history of music, there are those that truly stand out. Today, Kochint Entertainment is taking you at a closer look at Tzadik Records and what they brought into the world.

What is Tzadik Records?

This is a record company that was founded in 1995. At the time, record labels were popping up in record number. In order for any record label to stand the test of time, it had to come up and offer something a lot different.

As there was newer and newer talent that was released on a fairly regular basis, what was it that that managed to se Tzadik Records apart from all the rest?

label - Tzadik: A Touch of Classic and Traditional Excellence

What makes them so different?

Unlike most of the record labels that popped up in the 90s, they were quick to deviate from the fields of Pop, R&B, Hip-hop, and Rap. While those genres were the dominant ones, Tzadik aimed to provide a spotlight to a different form of musical art.

Tzadik was determined to provide a spotlight upon the genres of music that were up and coming but were not getting as much support. The contemporary composers often have difficulty in gaining a foothold in the music industry. The sound that they produced was considered to be a bit specialized or an acquired taste.

While that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, for many young record labels, this meant that there would be very little assurance of a ROI (return of investment). While record labels do aim to locate, enhance, and share musical talent—there should be a relative safeguard or assurance that there is some semblance of profit heading back toward the company.

Tzadik dealt with a series of composers like Alvin Curran, Chris Brown, and Mamoru Fujieda. Each brought a different form of music to the forefront. For example, Curran’s Animal Behavior brought about the odd usage of landmines and seltzer bottles.

Tzadik released John Zorn and his The Book of Heads. The world was introduced to the concept that pretty much anything could be utilized to bring about music and be hailed as “legitimate”. Zorn made use of toy balloons and even dolls in his music. It was certainly a fresh take on music and provided listeners with a brand new sound.

In Closing

Tzadik Records continues to represent a variety of artists that stray from the beaten path. This provides the world with a continuous source of avant-garde art that can provide fresh perspectives and a different take on music as an art form. Tzadik truly helped to change what people considered to be legitimate forms of music and the word ‘artist’ was given an even wider berth.

Tzadik Records brought about a different series of artists that gave the masses something wholly unique and it helped to push the boundaries of what we had considered to be music. If there was ever the champion of the unknown, it would be this. What odd form of music and instruments did you manage to hear from Tzadik’s collection?

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