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First Things First: What IS a Record Label Company?

The terms “record label” have been a rather all-encompassing term thrown around in the last decade or so. Today, we will be taking a more direct route and giving you an idea what it is in full actuality.

What is a Record Label?

The term record label is tagged unto a company that deals primarily in the development, disbursement, and distribution of music, music recordings, and even music videos. If you have ever listened to song on the radio or watched a music video on the TV, you will see the end result of the labor of not just the musical artist but of a music label as well.

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How is that so? When a music artist signs on with a record label, what is achieved? To give you an idea, here are some things that they get:


Sadly, the world does turn a bit faster when you have money to burn. Music artists, unless they are independently wealthy, need financial support in order to sustain their craft. While most artists struggle with keeping a full-time job and keeping up with rehearsals and gigs, it can be a wholly draining affair.

Once artists sign on with a music label, they can wholly dedicate their time and efforts to developing their music. Record labels provide an income that can sustain an artist until the time they launch their album or recording.

Professional training

Not every artist is a perfect one. The craft of music is a constantly evolving one and record labels help artists navigate the troubled waters. Record labels often have in their employ professional musicians who have taken it as their task to teach rather than play.

Before you get the final product on your TV or on the radio, artists often undergo workshops to help sharpen the raw talents that they already have.

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It has always been a thing of wonder how a relative unknown can become a household name seemingly overnight. That is the power of marketing teams employed by record labels. While anyone can do their own social media marketing, it is still an entirely different thing when there is the well-oiled machinery of a record label is behind you.

Record labels have entangling connections will help any new artist become the next big name in lights.

In Closing

A record label is more than just a company that deals with obtaining profit from artists in the music industry. It is not some evil golem lying in wait to swallow the next up and coming musical talent. It is time to sweep away this lingering belief and take a cold hard look at what it actually is.

Record labels exist to provide artists a chance to share their crafts and talents with a larger audience. We exist to primarily serve the interests of the crowd at large and not simply our own. We want to bring the world more music—it just so happens that we have the will and the means to accomplish it beautifully.

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