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Review Time: Label Launch by Veronika Kalmar

For anyone who has ever wanted to start their own record label, it is important to do suitable research. Today, Kochint Entertainment will be reviewing one of books that were meant to help those interested in the music business.

To be specific, we will be looking into Label Launch by Veronika Kalmar.


Published in 2002, this piece of business literature aimed to provide a suitable guide to developing and establishing an independent record label. This was aimed toward those that wanted to get a firmer idea toward the whole concepts of promotion and distribution.

Our Findings

As the year 2017 comes to a quick close, it is important to note that the industry has shifted in more ways than one. It is with our more updated knowledge that we review this piece of literature. These are our findings:

Cold, Text Book Approach

Kalmar takes a rather laundry list approach to establishing a business. While that in itself is not entirely a bad thing, it comes off as a rather cold approach. Record labels are established because of a creed or a shared belief. This takes all the humanization of the business and turns it into a “do this and not that”.

We expected something a tad meatier. As Kalmar’s book was published in 2002, there has been significant information that has changed or developed regarding record labels. There are a lot of anecdotes that could have been mentioned given the music craze of the 80s has come and gone.

rec3 - Review Time: Label Launch by Veronika Kalmar

General Tips

For a book that touts that it brings a step by step guide to the building of an independent record label, it keeps to the shallow waters of the discourse. For example, Kalmar discusses the need secure the services of a lawyer that specializes in copyright law. That in itself is something that is generally known by those in the industry.

For anyone who was hoping to get a meatier discussion regarding the promotion of records or even approaching talent, it comes surprisingly lacking. It also stays mum on how to get your record label off of the ground. For a book that did appear to be a text book approach to the discussion of promotion, it does not provide any information on how radio promotion works or how you even begin to do so.

It provides general information that you can gleam for yourself. As a book that was published in 2002, it is surprisingly general in its information. If you were aiming to read something that had the depth you needed to understand the music industry, you will be disappointed.

It’s a Good Overview

We have clarified that Kalmar’s discussion is more on the general side of things. However, if you simply take this book as an overview of what you can come to expect, you will gain quite a bit of information off of this.

If you are not familiar with the general information that is pertinent to establishing any sort of business, this is a good foundation for your list. You can use the discussions regarding licenses, contracts, and the purpose of trademarks. Do not expect anything deep off of the book and it will serve your purposes just fine.

In Closing

It is still a fairly useful piece of literature for anyone who has a heart at learning the ins and outs of the music industry. However, if you wanted to read something that was a tad more comprehensive and specific in its discussion, you are ultimately better off reading something else entirely.

While Kalmar had some fairly useful points regarding picking and the anecdote of “selling out”, ultimately it is a book with information that time has left behind. That is not to say that there are no lessons to be learned here, especially from the standpoint of a budding independent record label. However, when you are serious about launching your own record label, it is important to get updated information.

While it is a nice ode to a time that has gone by, it does serve to be a stark contrast to how things are now. We trust that you shall be reading other books aside from this one. So make sure that you get the most out of this one while keeping an eye solidly on what is going on now.

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