books about the music industry Reviews 

Popular Books about the Music Industry

Music is an art, a composition of harmonious keys created to give a pleasant melody. The music industry is one of the biggest entertainment entities in the world today. There are several genres of music composed and performed by different artists the world over. There are many books about the music industry that have been written, with many printed and published by the top book printer NYC music moguls go to, Easy Street Print. These books give more insight into the music industry, what it takes to make it and…

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Blog2 - Review Time: Label Launch by Veronika Kalmar Reviews 

Review Time: Label Launch by Veronika Kalmar

For anyone who has ever wanted to start their own record label, it is important to do suitable research. Today, Kochint Entertainment will be reviewing one of books that were meant to help those interested in the music business. To be specific, we will be looking into Label Launch by Veronika Kalmar. Synopsis Published in 2002, this piece of business literature aimed to provide a suitable guide to developing and establishing an independent record label. This was aimed toward those that wanted to get a firmer idea toward the whole…

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Blog9 - Tzadik: A Touch of Classic and Traditional Excellence Reviews 

Tzadik: A Touch of Classic and Traditional Excellence

In the history of music, there are those that truly stand out. Today, Kochint Entertainment is taking you at a closer look at Tzadik Records and what they brought into the world. What is Tzadik Records? This is a record company that was founded in 1995. At the time, record labels were popping up in record number. In order for any record label to stand the test of time, it had to come up and offer something a lot different. As there was newer and newer talent that was released…

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