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Popular Books about the Music Industry

Music is an art, a composition of harmonious keys created to give a pleasant melody. The music industry is one of the biggest entertainment entities in the world today. There are several genres of music composed and performed by different artists the world over. There are many books about the music industry that have been written, with many printed and published by the top book printer NYC music moguls go to, Easy Street Print. These books give more insight into the music industry, what it takes to make it and what is required of an artist to be successful in the music industry.

Hit Men: Power Brokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business

It was written by Fredric Dannen who is an American born author and journalist and was published in 1989. It was edited by Erroll McDonald. It talks as a whole about the pop music industry. The investigative nature of the book gives a closer and fine look at the vices that exist in the industry. It shows the greedy nature of the artist and promoters and also highlights the adverse effects of rivals and their ego playoffs in the industry. We come to learn of the illegal business that plays all in the quest of authors getting credit and achieving recognition

Producing Pop by Keith Negus.

In the 1980s, popular music had been academically broken down into diverse cultural studies and textual analysis. Negus deconstructed the whole narrative when he wrote his famous book, Producing Pop. This book is a must read in all the music business courses. It is detailed in showing how the different classes recordings blend in a complicated relationship full of tension with an agreeable mutual dependency.

The Creation Records Story by David Cavanagh.

The Creation Records Story is arguably one of the best books ever published about an independent record label. Published in the year 2000, it is a great book that does not sell its intent until the last pages where Oasis is finally introduced. This shifts the company narrative from being a freewheeler and an art joke to become a money-making house. The book had earlier on discredited all the money making labels but see how it ended up. This is perhaps the reason why Alan McGee calls it an “accountants’ story.”

Exploding-The Highs, Hits, Hype, Heroes & Hustlers of “The Warner Music Group”

Cornyn published his book Exploding in the year 2002; he passed away in the year 2017. He worked at the Warner music as the master copywriter for their advertisements and outdoor posters between 1960 and 1970. He had a way with the way he wrote; his unique writing style is evident in this book as he wrote about the creation of the Warner music by Jack L. Warner. He made money out of the films he created and got cheaper movie music. This, however, became a big recording label in the world that went on to sign very successful musicians. Cornyn in his humorous way of writing re-defined popular culture.

All the Rave by Joseph Menn.

This book was published in the year 2003, a few days after the Original Napster collapsed. This could have killed the vibe that this book lacked critical distance which is quite the contrary. Men in his book gave a detailed history of the troubled company; he gave a clear stand of the impact the company had and the impact it would continue to have for a long time. Menn, who knew the people surrounding the Napster, went on write in detail the court reports and gathered evidence against the company. He outlined how Napster set themselves up by creating a mess of their label, moving from one lurking disaster to another, emotions flaring, and the top management going into a rage while they flushed down the toilet their critical funding schemes and opportunities, a disaster they created themselves.

Howling at the Moon by Walter Yetnikoff.

In his memoirs, Yetnikoff in a detailed almost-confession, cites how many deals he was engaging in that were questionable, he further wrote about how much cocaine he was using. However, when he was interviewed by the Hit Men, he vehemently denied the use of drugs in the US music recording businesses especially in the year 1980. He went on to explain in his memoirs that were published in the year 2004, how the questionable deals and drugs had totally shattered his career and his personal life. He was the face behind the success of Michael Jackson, one of the biggest stars the world ever saw. Yetnikoff is the perfect example of the famous saying about power and corruption.

Appetite for Self-Destruction by Steve Knopper.

This book can be called The Rave partner because it gives a detailed account of how the Napster’s went down, the book also talks about the empty projects of Pres-play and MusicNet, the non-existing savior of iTunes and how the digital revolution has helped the music industry.

You never give me your money- the battle for the soul of the Beatles

Its original publication was done in 2009, and it was authored by Peter Doggett who is a British author, magazine editor and music journalist.
You never give me your money vividly tells a story of expectations that are uncertain in the world of music. It focuses on one of the, most successful bands in the British history. When Paul McCartney announced his break up from the Beatles, many were shocked and left in disbelief since the band had captured many people’s hearts. You never give me your money tells the undercover stories of rivalries of members of a common band for this case Peter states the rivalry between Lennon and Mccartney.

Differences in lifestyles of members in a band are also portrayed as a major contributor to band breakups if the said differences are not managed properly, and for the case study here the conflict in Harrison’s life between his fame and spirituality is an imminent factor and the alcoholic lifestyle of Richard. Peter also describes how many and fame can alter a vision that band members initially have since there will be continuous fights in the quest to control the financial empire.

Before a talented artist decides to venture into the music business, just like any other field, it’s always advisable to do wide research so that the dynamics and the full expectations of the business are not met with shock but rather preparedness. Mainly because having staying power as an artist has a lot to do with how good your relationship is with your record label. These books amongst others are a good guide to many morals lessons and examples.

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