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Music Distribution Spotlight: Common Questions Answered

The distribution of music has often been shrouded by many questions. Today, Kochint Entertainment will shine a little spotlight on some common questions we’ve encountered through the years. If you a music artist, the ultimate goal would be to get your music released into the world, right? In order to achieve that suitably, it is important to ask when you are not certain of what you are doing. For example:

What is music distribution?

This refers to getting your end product (a single or an album) into the market to be purchased by consumers. Depending on which method of distribution you choose the odds of it getting bought or patronized is a lot higher. There are several things that goes into suitable music distribution—some of which include marketing and promotion.

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What ways of music distribution are there?

With the technology of the industry consistently in a state of evolution, there are more and more ways in which artists are able to get their music out into the world. Back then, distribution meant the production and reproduction of physical records.

This, as you may imagine, cost a significant amount of money. This is where record labels come in to shoulder the cost. If you are an independent artist, what are you to do?

There is the digital distribution option now. Steaming has completely changed the way that music is shared with the world. More and more artists are realizing that while the initial returns are not so large, it completely makes up for the fact that it has severely low overhead. There is no need for a physical copy of the song or album any longer. A digital copy is enough to launch entire careers.

In Closing

There are many ways to go about music distribution and it will all depend on what you and your record label think is best. If you are an independent artist, it is important to consider your options carefully. It is entirely possible for an independent artist to release their music under their watch. Just be realistic about its reach or how well you can track it.

When it comes to sharing your music, keep an eagle eye out on the horizon. While it is best to think the world of people—the smartest ones will always have contingency plans. Given all the information we’ve discussed, which avenue of music distribution would you pursue if given the choice?

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