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Jazz and its Magic: 3 Reasons Jazz Continues to Hold its Sway

Jazz is one of the oldest forms of ‘modern’ music. It is something that continues to have a massive following. Today, Kochint Entertainment is looking at 3 reasons why Jazz continues to hold its sway.

What is Jazz?

Normally attributed to the African American culture of the USA, Jazz relies heavily upon “Going along with the feel of the music” rather than something that was precise or planned. It was a thoroughly rhythmic approach to performing. There are areas where a call and response is performed, allowing for more than one performer to be part of it all.

jazz - Jazz and its Magic: 3 Reasons Jazz Continues to Hold its Sway

Why does it continue to Persist?

To answer this question, we found three very good reasons:

Ties to History

There is a vast importance to remembering one’s past. This is ever true for a nation that is young as compared to other countries. The USA has the privilege of having such a clear history. The origins of Jazz lies deep for some communities!

The meaning of jazz cannot be replaced or replicated for some. Entire generations revolved around jazz and its evolution. The like of Miles Davis is a good example on how jazz and its deep history is one of the reasons why it is still successful to this day.

Ties to Personal Growth

Many of those in black communities have a rather entangled relationship with jazz. Back when black rights were not being recognized, jazz was one of the ways in which the community got together and expressed their pain and frustration. It was also a way that they celebrated being alive and served as a distraction to how awful the times were for them.

Many a person who was raised by parents who were born in the 60s will have grown up listening to jazz. Many of these people make use of Jazz in order to build a particular mood or setting. This era of growing up with jazz continues to affect its popularity.

Ties to Musical Evolution

One of the reasons why jazz was quite unique was due to the fact that everyone had their own particular play style when it came to it. It was not surprising in the least that eventually there would be forms of music that were derived or borne from jazz.

The genres of swing, rock, and many others were borne out of the varying approaches that people had to jazz. In a way, jazz was a gateway for more and more music to be released into the world. For this, many people are grateful and keep the art form alive and well.

In Closing

Jazz continues to lend its power to American artists regardless of the decades that have gone through. It is a form of art that will continue to persist no matter the era. Deeply entangled in the heart of American history, Kochint shall continue to support budding jazz artists no matter where they come from.

Who was your favorite jazz artist and why were they your favorite? What ties to personal growth can you share regarding jazz?

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