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The Purpose of Lists: Why Does the World Need a Music Index?

Keeping suitable track of the journey music has had is one of greatest pleasures. Today, Kochint Entertainment takes a gander at why the world needs a music index.

What is a Music Index?

A musical index refers to a database of information that directly pertains to music. From a personal standpoint, Kochint’s index is a comprehensive list of who has made it their business to bring forth musical excellence into this world. It does not really matter whether this excellence was award-winning or not.

All that matters is that they were part of the journey that music continues to have. The evolution of the many different genres is something that we can certainly continue to benefit from. Understanding the evolution of music and being able to pinpoint the exact moment or person that has established another branching path is important.

music1 - The Purpose of Lists: Why Does the World Need a Music Index?

Here are some good reasons why:

It helps musical theorists

Not everyone interested or entangled in the world of music plays instruments. There are those that chronicle and analyze music in order to breakdown how it is shaped and how it can be taught. Those that deal in musical theory benefit greatly from music indexes.

You, after all, cannot teach music if you do not understand the theory that goes into it. Those that learned to read music will tell you that a music index was a great reason as to why their lessons were comprehensive.

It helps preserve our collective history

Music has a rather entangled relationship with history. Many of the greatest historical movements had music driving those that led revolutions. Music has always played a part in stirring emotions. This is never truer when difficult times are had.

Many of those who study rhythm and blues will know this to be true. Rhythm and blues were very much alive during the more active struggle to obtain black rights. Properly remembering and chronicling this through a music index keeps the whole driving force fresh and alive—no matter how much time has gone by.

music2 - The Purpose of Lists: Why Does the World Need a Music Index?

It is a gift we leave the future

Having a clear musical index provides a suitable roadmap for any budding young artist. They will be able to trace the very origins of the music that has moved them so.

In Closing

When you provide a people with a way to look back, you are ultimately doing them a service rather than a disservice. A lot of people have said that looking into what has gone on before serves as a distraction from the present. We beg to differ.

Knowing the journey that music has gone through is a great way to remind people why it continues to persist to this day. Having a proper music index through record keeping is one good way to keep track of music and who has been part of it. When we, as a culture, are able to take a look behind and see the lessons we should remember it is certainly not a bad thing at all, right?

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