About Kochint Entertainment

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Formed in the USA around 1986, Kochinit Entertainment has taken it upon their own shoulders to represent and distribute various forms of media. There is a great pool of talent no matter where you go. What is important is that they are given what they need in order to make an artistic impact.

Stellar Representation

This is what Kochint Entertainment aims to achieve. We aim to represent and provide a competitive edge for independent artists—no matter where they come from. There are too many artists that are being taken advantage of or worse, overlooked.

We bring ethical and lawful representation for artists and their craft.

Proper Distribution

Kochint Entertainment does not only dabble in music. We also distribute films throughout the many territories. We believe that arts transform and transcend boundaries. Regardless of beliefs, genders, or realms of consciousness, there will always be a tangible thread of community in art and film.

We provide suitable and lawful distribution of films of various genres. If you believe that you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to leave us a message through 559-565-5972. We aim to make the world a lovelier, vibrant, and enriched place. What about you?